Thursday, May 1, 2014

Last Meal

I few things come to mind when I think about a possible last meal.  First would be the macaroni and cheese my grandfather used to make.  We always asked for it on our birthdays and he always deliverd.  There would also have to be shawarma, but not any shawarma.  When I was in Israel there was a little hole in the wall stand in Tzfat that made the best shawarma. A bunch of friends and myself found it while we were exploring the city. Combine their shawarma with a lot of hummus, pickled turnips, regular pickles, lettuce and tomato.  There would also have to be shashouka, particularly from a hotel we stayed at in Jerusalem.  For dessert, probably a root beer float or frozen custard from Adrian's on Grand Island.  Wash that all down with a glass of 2010 Moscato from the Golan Heights Winery or the white russians that my sister makes. 

All of these foods have a great memory attached, from cooking with my grandfather and being in Israel to summer vacation in elementary and middle school.

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