Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Greek Last Meal

It seems very odd to me to be thinking of what I would want my last meal to be. In high school, we would joke around about what we would want our last meals to be, but now that I'm older I feel like it's more of a serious question. I think I would rather have my last meal be somewhat unexpected like the Romans at Pompeii, rather than knowing when I would have my last meal.

In high school when I was asked what my last meal to be I would respond by saying pizza, lasagna, cannolis, and usually Italian food. Since then my response has changed and now I would say all Greek food. If I were to have one last meal, then I would want to have my favorite food, which is Mediterranean food.

I had one more last night then, it would go as so...

After a history filled day of looking at archaeological sites and museums in Athens, I would go back to my hostel and put on best outfit, which would probably be a long dress.

Next, all of my family, friends, and myself would go out for a roof top dinner looking over the Akropolis that played live music. The restaurant would be playing live music and would be filled lots of traditional dancing. We would order lots of food, that would include pita, tzatziki, hummus, saganoki, meat platters with lamb, spanikopita, moussaka, dolmades, octopus, and horiatiki salad. There would also be a gyro meat spinning around on a metal spit on the roof top, so anyone could go up and cut pieces of meat off to make a gyro. To go along with the meal traditional drinks, such as ouzo and wine from Santorini, would be served. Not very Greek like, but I would be drinking mead. I really enjoy the sweetness of the honey wine.

Once dinner is finished, everyone would get up and form a circle to dance. We would all dance traditionally to the beautifully music. After enjoying the music for a bit, we would sit back down and for dessert. For dessert, delicious specialties, such as baklava, loukamades, loukoumi, galaktoboureko, and yogurt with honey and nuts, would be served. All of the desserts, except the loukoumi, would be covered in lots of honey. After dessert, everyone would continue to enjoy the company and stunning scenery.

So if I had only one more meal left, I would want to enjoy it with my family and friends while eating Mediterranean food in a historical atmosphere. It would definitely be a night to remember.

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