Saturday, May 3, 2014

Last Meal

            If I were to imagine what my last meal ever would be like, I would definitely have the people closet to me by my side.  Of course your last meal would be eating your most favorite foods, but sharing that moment with loved ones is more important in my opinion.  My favorite thing to eat is PASTA.  I love me some pasta.  What do you call a fake noodle?  An impasta.  A corny joke my friend once told me.  Just felt it was appropriate.  Don’t mind the improper English.  My favorite pasta dish would have to be penne ala vodka with shrimp and broccoli.  For my last meal I would also need to have sushi.  Spicy California hand rolls and spicy salmon avocado rolls are a must.  I love chipotle so I would definitely have a burrito bowl with brown rice, steak, sour cream, guacamole, corn, pico de gallo, cheese, lettuce and of course chipotle sauce.  My favorite Asian dish I would eat growing up is rice with spicy minced beef tofu.  It’s called mapu tofu in Mandarin; I would definitely have that dish.  In terms of vegetables I definitely want broccoli cooked with olive oil and garlic.  Mashed potatoes with gravy and Buffalo wings would be at my last meal as well.  In terms of drinks, I would have dr. pepper and a peanut butter banana smoothie from red mango.  For dessert I would have green tea and red bean ice cream.  Growing up I would always love when my grandma cooked for us.  So I would definitely want a few of her cooked meals as well, specifically a spicy fish dish.  As you can see from all the different kinds of meals I would want at my last meal ever, growing up as an Asian-American I was able to enjoy many different types of food.  I am very thankful to have had this opportunity.  I am also glad I was able to enroll in this course the day before when I decided to take a different seminar class.  A discovery seminar class about rural life didn’t seem that interesting to me.  Thank you. 

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