Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tahleia's Last Meal

For my last meal, I would absolutely love to just have a variation of pastas, and sugary desserts. 

Pasta has always been my one of my favourites, and if I had to go, I would love to do so with a belly stuffed with pasta. I would have my sister be the dinner chef, because she makes the best pastas and lasagnas, and then have my mom make all the deserts.

I would like to have Beef Italia which is a cheesy beef lasagna and I would have to say the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. 

I think this must be a family recipe because it is made with a special orange sauce that my sister makes from scratch, and I have tried to find the recipe in books and online, but I have never had any success. This is the dish I always ask my sister to make when I come home from school, and I consider myself lucky that I don’t know how to make it or I would be a very fat woman. 

Following that, I would like to have a vegetable lasagna. As it is my special day, I would ask for extra corn! People always say its bad for you, but to me, the corn is what really makes a vegetable lasagna so good. 

Finally, I would finish up with the classic spaghetti and meat sauce. An oldy but goody that I would be more than pleased to eat on my final day. 

My mother makes great chocolates as a part of her business, so on my final day, I would like an assortment of all the chocolates and flavour fillings that she has made over the years. 

To top it all off, I would finish with a strawberry crepe with extra cool whip, and a chocolate milkshake on the side. 

Thus completes my perfect final meal. Far from luxurious, but its everything I would need to die happy. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Last Meal

When asked about what I want to eat, the answer usually comes immediately to mind.  However, The Last Meal has a certain sense of gravity to it that makes me hesitant to even start.  As a college student, deprived of a full kitchen and limited only to foods that fit on a meal plan (which is surprisingly varied, and looking less and less appetizing by the day) home-cooking would be the way I'd want to go out.  I have no particular meal in mind, as long as my mom makes it I'd die happy.  It's not just the physical food that I crave, but the process before it.  The sounds of NPR which are almost guaranteed to be on at all points of time in the house, the occasional blaring of the smoke alarm and the ensuing chaos to just dear god make it stop.  The smells of sauteing onions, grilled vegetables, even the very particular scent of boiling pasta have a very homey feel for me.  The scents that would fill up the house made the wait agonizing but it was so much more fulfilling when we finally sat down and ate.  I think it is the sense of fulfillment that I miss the most and I think that would make for the perfect last meal.  

Last meal

My last meal as a topic was quite interesting one to think about as I had never thought there would be such a finality to food. I would have to say that my last meal would be a porterhouse steak medium and a lobster tail, there's just something about the combo of land and sea that has always resonated with me. All in all this last class signifies the end of a interesting experiment that brought me some new experience and as the Romans believed experience was tantamount to life itself.

The Black Dinner

In the early fifteenth century, the Clan Douglas was consolidating power in the Kingdom of Scotland.  They carried a lot of clout in the kingdom; so much so that the crown saw them as a threat to the stability of the realm.  In 1440, the conflict between the crown and the Douglases came to a head over the control of King James II, who was only ten years old and therefore able to be controlled.  Sir William Crichton, the Lord Chancellor of the Kingdom of Scotland and Sir Alexander Livingstone conspired to come up with a solution to the problem of the Douglases' rise to power.  They invited William Douglas, 6th Earl of Douglas, and his younger brother David Douglas to a dinner with the boy king James II.  When the food was to be brought out, they brought out instead the head of a black bull, a symbol of death.  The Earl and his brother were dragged out to Castle Hill and given a mock trial.  They were found guilty of treason and summarily beheaded there and then.  This last meal for William and David Douglas became known as the Black Dinner.

What would I want for my last meal?

Most people eat to live, I would say I live to eat. Nothing brings me the pure joy that food does so imagining my last meal is incredibly hard. What would I probably want served in my last meal? Some of everything, a bite of my favorite meal from each of my favorite cuisines. However, that would probably end up giving me a severe stomach ache and I wouldn't like to go out like that. For my last meal I would want an endless supply of fruits, I can eat fruits all day. Some of my favorites are mangoes, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, oranges, grapes, and papaya. I can just imagine eating an entire bowl of thinly sliced mangoes covered in salt and chili powder. Actually now that I think about it that is exactly what I would want for my last meal: A bowl of thinly sliced mangoes covered in salt and chili powder. At the beginning of this blog post I was not sure of what I would want for my last meal because I would not wanna give up any meal that I like. However, it has helped me identify exactly what my favorite thing to eat is. Now that I think about it every time I visit home during break before I leave my mom makes sure to buy a green mango and prepare it just the way i like with salt and chili powder. If you haven't tried it and you like spice and fruits you should definitely try it!

My Last Meal

I picture my last meal with my close family members in my grandparents home in the mountainous hills of the Dominican Republic. We would have a four course meal full of some of my favorite foods I enjoyed throughout my childhood. For as long as I can remember the best feasts in my home were for thanksgiving day so I also imagine this meal taking place at the end of November. Some of the dishes would be prepared in this old school brick oven in the backyard of my grandparents home. The dinner table would have a tacky table cover with hideous floral patterns, as is typical in my home. However, the most important part of my last meal would be an endless appetite so that I could try every item on the menu.

The Grand Meal Menu - 
Appetizers: french fries, hot dogs, and pepperoni pizza
Salad: Dominican potato salad or Caesar Salad
Entree: A platter of tostones (Thick plantain chips), sweet potato fries, yucca, mangu (mashed plantains), and a protein choice of either roasted chicken or turkey
Dessert: Bananas foster with Haagen-Dazs ice cream

The most memorable meal I have ever had was surprisingly not at home but at my favorite uncles house in New Jersey. This meal took place during Christmas eve sometime during my adolescence but it was really more of a house warming party. My uncles wife made roast chicken with white rice and although this is something I ate way too often in the past, this was the best version of the dish I have had to date. When thinking about this blog entry what triggered my memory was a bowl of walnuts and a batch of delicious earthy cookies that were present that day items that were never present in any family meals that I can remember. 

A Greek Last Meal

It seems very odd to me to be thinking of what I would want my last meal to be. In high school, we would joke around about what we would want our last meals to be, but now that I'm older I feel like it's more of a serious question. I think I would rather have my last meal be somewhat unexpected like the Romans at Pompeii, rather than knowing when I would have my last meal.

In high school when I was asked what my last meal to be I would respond by saying pizza, lasagna, cannolis, and usually Italian food. Since then my response has changed and now I would say all Greek food. If I were to have one last meal, then I would want to have my favorite food, which is Mediterranean food.

I had one more last night then, it would go as so...

After a history filled day of looking at archaeological sites and museums in Athens, I would go back to my hostel and put on best outfit, which would probably be a long dress.

Next, all of my family, friends, and myself would go out for a roof top dinner looking over the Akropolis that played live music. The restaurant would be playing live music and would be filled lots of traditional dancing. We would order lots of food, that would include pita, tzatziki, hummus, saganoki, meat platters with lamb, spanikopita, moussaka, dolmades, octopus, and horiatiki salad. There would also be a gyro meat spinning around on a metal spit on the roof top, so anyone could go up and cut pieces of meat off to make a gyro. To go along with the meal traditional drinks, such as ouzo and wine from Santorini, would be served. Not very Greek like, but I would be drinking mead. I really enjoy the sweetness of the honey wine.

Once dinner is finished, everyone would get up and form a circle to dance. We would all dance traditionally to the beautifully music. After enjoying the music for a bit, we would sit back down and for dessert. For dessert, delicious specialties, such as baklava, loukamades, loukoumi, galaktoboureko, and yogurt with honey and nuts, would be served. All of the desserts, except the loukoumi, would be covered in lots of honey. After dessert, everyone would continue to enjoy the company and stunning scenery.

So if I had only one more meal left, I would want to enjoy it with my family and friends while eating Mediterranean food in a historical atmosphere. It would definitely be a night to remember.