Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tahleia's Last Meal

For my last meal, I would absolutely love to just have a variation of pastas, and sugary desserts. 

Pasta has always been my one of my favourites, and if I had to go, I would love to do so with a belly stuffed with pasta. I would have my sister be the dinner chef, because she makes the best pastas and lasagnas, and then have my mom make all the deserts.

I would like to have Beef Italia which is a cheesy beef lasagna and I would have to say the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. 

I think this must be a family recipe because it is made with a special orange sauce that my sister makes from scratch, and I have tried to find the recipe in books and online, but I have never had any success. This is the dish I always ask my sister to make when I come home from school, and I consider myself lucky that I don’t know how to make it or I would be a very fat woman. 

Following that, I would like to have a vegetable lasagna. As it is my special day, I would ask for extra corn! People always say its bad for you, but to me, the corn is what really makes a vegetable lasagna so good. 

Finally, I would finish up with the classic spaghetti and meat sauce. An oldy but goody that I would be more than pleased to eat on my final day. 

My mother makes great chocolates as a part of her business, so on my final day, I would like an assortment of all the chocolates and flavour fillings that she has made over the years. 

To top it all off, I would finish with a strawberry crepe with extra cool whip, and a chocolate milkshake on the side. 

Thus completes my perfect final meal. Far from luxurious, but its everything I would need to die happy. 

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