Sunday, February 16, 2014

The fridge

While my refrigerator once represented my Dominican heritage I realize now that it has progressively adopted 'on the run' American cuisine. When I was a child I remember the refrigerator was full of basics such as milk, eggs, Kraft singles, and Wonder bread. I also remember the abundance of plantains, yucca, and tubers that were vital for my parents to cook traditional Dominican dishes such as tostones (fried sliced plantains) with fried cheese, over easy eggs, or salami. Occasionally the refrigerator would barely close because my mom would do groceries and come back with what me and my siblings called 'goodies'. These 'goodies' were also known as cookies, sugary cereals, yogurt (not the healthy kind), and last but not least ice cream! Somehow my refrigerator has since gotten a make over and now hosts 'goodies' more often than it does real food.

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