Sunday, February 16, 2014

From Anthony Yeh

Old memories of the old refrigerator 

What I remember most about my family's refrigerator back in elementary school was that there was a lot of ingredients for Taiwanese cuisine.  I remember seeing many different kinds of vegetables such as broccoli, beans, and spinach.  Almost every night we ate rice with Taiwanese traditional dishes, since my grandparents and parents are from Taiwan.  We would usually have a meat dish, vegetable dish, seafood dish, or a fish dish.  I never knew the names of the dishes my family cooked but they were delicious.  We occasionally had other kinds of food when we didn't cook, such as pizza.  So there would be leftover pizza in our refrigerator.  We also had a lot of Asian spices and sauces that were essential for the dishes.

Anthony Yeh

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