Sunday, February 16, 2014

The particulars of my childhood fridge are fuzzy.  I remember there always being an immense amount of plastic containers.  It wasn't that we ordered take out constantly but my mother was (and is) a big believer in making more food than we need for a week.  Most of the containers were probably filled with pasta, as that was a large part of what we ate.  My parents also pride themselves on being supporters of the fresh produce industry, so there was never a lack of fruits and vegetables lying on all surfaces of our kitchen.    
   However, in order to satisfy the cravings of an adolescent daughter, Go-Gurt was stockpiled in the dairy drawer (Because yogurt just doesn't taste as good if it isn't coming from a plastic tube). American cheese Kraft singles were also an unfortunate staple of my adolescent diet.  Much to the chagrin of my mom, I'm sure.  And following on the trend of semi-solid dairy products, ice cream in the freezer was practically a guarantee.
  We rarely had any meat in the fridge unless it was some special occasion or we had guests coming over for dinner.  My mother had been a vegetarian before I was born, and by association I was a part-time vegetarian myself.
  Despite being unclear on the details, the one thing that I can definitely recall was that our fridge was never anywhere close to empty.  Mostly because Costco sized boxes of Go-Gurt take a very long time to finish.

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