Saturday, February 15, 2014

Family Refrigerator

I come from a Bengali family therefore my fridge was always filled with plain white rice and different kinds of curry. There was always at least a chicken or beef curry, a veggie curry, lentil soup and one kind of fish curry for the adults. Besides cooked foods we always had eggs, milk, american and cream cheese, and an assortment of vegetables (some of them I still don't know the name of). I don't really remember having soda much as a kid but we definitely had tons of juice in the fridge. It was usually Juicy Juice, Capri Sun, Hi-C, or Kool Aid. Some special meals that randomly showed up were chicken/beef biryani, pulao, and khichuri (all different kinds of spiced rices with meat or eggs).  Now that I think about it my fridge has not changed much except we switched the juice for Pepsi and Tropicana orange juice.

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