Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lots of Food in the Refrigerator

There has always been a large amount of food in my house, since I was little. In high school, my friends would come over and say that I had a Wegman's in my basement. Currently my family has a large refrigerator upstairs that also has a freezer, a big enough freezer in the basement to hold a couple of bodies, and a refrigerator in our garage. Most people would probably think that we're stocking up for the apocalypse, but in reality my mom has a shopping problem, we all LOVE food, and we're Italian. Italians really like to eat, which is just how we're born.

I had a really hard time recalling what my refrigerator looked like when I was younger, so I asked my parents about it. My mom said that we've ALWAYS have kept a lot of ice cream in our freezer. Currently we have five open containers. My mom would always feed me ice cream before I would go to sleep at night, since I was very skinny when I was in elementary school. My dad mentioned that we've always have had several containers of leftovers in our refrigerator at all times. My parents have a hard time cooking for just our family, so we constantly have leftovers. We are also big leftover people, so we will continue to eat the leftovers for a few days. My sister and I were sort of picky eaters when we were younger, so my parents would make the same meals a lot. They would typically make hot dogs without the skin, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, and tacos. My dad also said that we've always had lots of containers of condiments, especially salad dressing. He also said that we kept a lot of milk in the refrigerator, since calcium is extremely important for growing children. My parents also said that we always had bologna, cheese sticks, apple juice, cut up fruit, baked goods, peanut butter, jelly, containers of Spaghetti O's, and small things of jello and pudding.

I do remember some foods that we kept in our refrigerator when I was in elementary school. I remember having Rugrat apple sauce that came in green, blue, and red. We would also had Trix yogurt, which a lot of my friends at school also had. I also remember having cheese sticks, which I really enjoyed peeling apart. We also always had bologna, since that was the only cold cut meat that I would eat. My mom would have heart shape bologna sandwiches waiting for me. Occasionally we would have Lunchables, which I really like since all of the "cool kids" ate them. We would also have pop in the refrigerator occasionally. 

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