Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner has to be my favorite holiday meal or shall I say feast. It is the only day in my house that everyone gathers together and helps make dinner. I live with my immediate family, my cousins family, and my grandparents so that makes 11 of us. You can imagine it's hard to have the same dinner schedule when there are 11 different people living in your house. As I mentioned before Thanksgiving dinner in my house is more like a feast. We have the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, veggies, cranberry sauce, and salad. Don't worry it doesn't end there. My mom always makes sure to have at least one or two bengali items usually something like naan and beef kabobs, some sort of italian pasta, and spanish yellow rice and chicken. So it's more like a multicultural thanksgiving where we just feast on our favorite foods. My favorite part is always the turkey with some cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes since it's something that I don't have often. My mom and sister tend to do the major cooking whereas the rest of us (me, my younger brother, and even younger two cousins) are responsible for prep and clean up. Recently I have helped more, its not that I can't cook its just why do the work if there are others to do it? My aunt is a hazard around the kitchen so her job is to stay away until its time for dishes. My dad and uncle pretend to help which usually means they just sit around and talk politics until someone tells them to go to another room. We literally start cooking the moment we wake up and then have dinner around 6/7 pm nibbling on stuff that's being prepared the whole day. By the end of dinner no one can move and there's enough food left over to feed a village which makes for a great turkey leftover sandwich.

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