Saturday, March 1, 2014

Christmas Dinner

Christmas is by far my favorite family holiday meal. It's the best because of the all the family that is around. Last year there were 12 people in attendance, with all sorts of chairs pulled up to our table that isn't quite big enough. This usually starts a dinner turf war with my brother, but we let it slide because it's Christmas.

As per the dishes that are generally served, it always starts with salad and some homemade bread that my aunt usually will make. From there we move onto the meat and potatoes of the dinner. (Sorry, pun intended.) Ham with pineapple and mashed potatoes. New to this past Christmas' menu was rutabaga and I was very pleasantly surprised. In my opinion, it's a yellow-orange mashed potato dish that tastes way better and is nearly impossible to spell on the first try. 

As per the dishes that are generally served, it is our family's china that we always break out for nice dinners. And then for the glasses of the evening, it's always my family's super-Irish side's Grandmother's Waterford Crystal glasses. I've always hated those glasses because whenever I place it down "too hard" I always get that 'Can you believe this kid?' look from my mom. All I'm saying is, if they're so important why do we even use them?

Lastly, dessert is an interesting democratic process. In the weeks preceding Christmas, we will throw in ideas for dessert and then we will unofficially survey everyone. I say unofficially because two years ago my father suggested 'Canolis', I voted no but we ended up getting them anyway. Disappointed that cinnamon rolls didn't win I asked around to see who voted for the canolis. One other person besides my father voted for the canolis, making that day notoriously known to everyone as 'The Christmas dad committed some serious voter fraud.'

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