Monday, April 7, 2014

Eat Like a Roman Night

Discovery Seminar Student Allen Zhou gets ready to Eat Like a Roman
The April 6 Eat Like a Roman night was a huge success!   Many thanks to the students in UB's Eat Like a Roman Discovery Seminar, the UB Classics Department, and the awesome staff at Crossroads Culinary Center.  At least 1500 (will update when we have the final count) people ate like Romans at  at UB, many of them dressed in ancient garb.  Displays included poster presentations on Roman food made by the students in the Eat Like a Roman Discovery Seminar, a display of Roman pottery and weapons, a toga-wrapping demonstration, a wandering Cleopatra played by UB Classics Ph.D. student Kristen Slonsky (make-up by Caitlin Diddams), Latin speaking greeters dressed in Roman clothing at the entrance to the dining hall, and a table with information on UB's fabulous CLASSICS DEPARTMENT.   Here is a link to the Buffalo News article (complete with video footage and an appearance by Professor McGuire), and below, some photos from the event:

Cleopatra has her eye on unsuspecting Classics Professor Brad Ault...

Classics Ph.D. students James Gawley in a senatorial toga and Caitlin Diddams  in a Roman stola.

The Crossroads Culinary Center menu for the evening

A Roman soldier stands guard at the entrance
Our Cleopatra is ready for the crowds about to enter the dining hall

Tonius and UB Classics major Lesley Crawford, ready for action

UB Classics alumnus Tony Waleszczak speaks with WBFO's Mike Desmond
UB Discovery Seminar student and Classics major Ashley Cercone displays some Roman magic

UB Discovery Seminar students Alex Sobczak and Jeremy Caldwell look pleased with their meal

A poster on household slaves by students in the Eat Like a Roman Discovery Seminar

We aren't sure what point Senator Tom Buck was making, but it seems to have alarmed matrona Katherine Roache and UB Ph. D. student Michael McGlin 

Crossroads Culinary Center staff member looking Classic!

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  1. It seems that much fun was had by all! I have a recreationist persona that is Imperial era Roman and have messed with recreating Roman cooking for better than 15 years, I would love to have known about this class before to see if I could manage to take it.