Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Last Meal

a last meal

aroma so sweet
intoxicating flavor
it was delicious

I wish I could say this about the last meal I had a few hours ago. Unfortunately, I can't. There have been only a few times where I remarked on how good the food was, and only these times. Other times, I have had to shovel down food, so I would avoid the repulsive taste and mushy texture. Such has been the fate of my palate and stomach while eating at the Governor's Dining Center. As that time comes around for dinner, around 5:30 PM, I look at the dinner menu. I never have high hopes for it, and am not usually disappointed. A feeling of dread usually creeps up from my stomach and makes me exhale a sigh of despair. Looks like I am sticking with the usual, consisting of a salad, some type of meat, the occasional soup, and a water. I try to stay away from certain foods. Usually if it can be cooked incorrectly, it is. The pasta is usually under cooked, I dare not try the pizza, and the rice spoons out in globs. I often eat a large lunch at the Union when I am out for classes, so I can eat less of the food at dinner. After dinner, I will usually go to the Cellar for a late night snack. This fills the void that was left by the minimal amount of dinner food I eat. It is really unfortunate that we are, as a freshman, constrained to a meal plan, 14 or 19 meals. Don't get me wrong, if it was optional I would still have one, but I would cook for myself quite a bit more. As the expression goes; If you want it done correctly, do it yourself. I'm an amateur chef and have prepared a few basic dishes, among them
General Tso's Chicken, seasoned Chicken and the ever so good boxed macaroni & cheese. Now that is meal!

This is simply satirical (for the most part).

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